Votive Candles Scented Candle Pillar Bulk Prayer Wedding Function Coloured Pack

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Let your troubles melt away with this range of scented votive candles. The perfect middle ground between large pillars and small tealights, voltives are ideal for adding a pretty, soft light to your home.

Create atmosphere by featuring a pleasant scent of exotic aromas and providing warm soft candlelight.

The candles are perfect for creating ambience and soft mood lighting.

Ideal for use in chapel, weddings, parties, and events.

Package Contains

  • Pack of 10/20/50 Votive Candles - Highly Scented


  • Crafted From Superb Quality Lead-Free Materials
  • Superior Clean & Smokeless Burn
  • Natural Scent Range
  • Highly Scented
  • Excellent Value - Capped Postage Australia Wide


  • Size: 4.5cm (height) x 3.5cm (diameter) approx.

Scent Profiles

With many Premium Natural Fragrances to choose from, we are sure you will find a favourite

Blueberry - Berries with a jam-like sweetness and tartness, intensely coloured rich in anthocyanidins.

Jasmine - Sweet narcotic scent that is floral but with an animalic background like living flesh, can be piercingly sweet and carry scent a mile off.

Lavender - Aromatic clean note, medicinal on one end and liquorice-like on the other end.

Lemon - Astringent, sour, sweet undertone, aromatic nuance, bright, cheerful & vibrant.

Strawberry - Classic red fruit note, jam-like, sweet, child-like and ultra-popular thanks to its inclusion in several products beyond fine fragrance.

Vanilla - An ever popular fragrance note, which is sweet, cozy, comforting, with a pleasing cookie-baking feeling to it.