Stationery Set Mickey Mouse Hello Kitty Princess Sets Stationary Pencil Case

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This lovely range of stationery set ensures that your children are well prepared for any academic endeavours they're pursuing.

Ideal for kids of any age in kindergarten or primary school!

Princess variation currently not in stock.

Package Includes
   ·         1 x Pencil Case
   ·         1 x Pen
   ·         2 x HB Lead Pencils
   ·         1 x 2B Mechanical Pacer
   ·         1 x 2B Lead Refill
   ·         1 x Eraser
   ·         Variations: Princess, Hello Kitty, Mickey & Minnie Mouse


     ·         Superb Quality Construction
     ·         Includes Everything Your Kids Need For School
     ·         3 Great Cartoon Designs For Kids
     ·         Excellent Value