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Scented Tea Light Tealight Candles Candle 4 Hour Burn Scent - CAPPED POSTAGE

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These scented tea light candles create atmosphere by featuring a pleasant scent of exotic aromas and providing warm candlelight.
The candles are perfect for creating ambience and mood lighting.
Ideal for use in weddings, parties, and events.
Package Contains
  • Scented Tealights - 8 Piece Pack
  • High quality wax - lead-free & smokeless burn      ·        
  • Tealight candles come in aluminium cups
  • 4 hour burn time 
  • Excellent for weddings & occasions
  • Clean & convenient burn - no more messy candles 
  • Excellent value
  • Size: 1cm (height) x 3.5cm (diameter) approx.
Scent Profiles

With many Premium Natural Fragrances to choose from, we are sure you will find a favourite

Apple - Fresh, appetising, mouth-watering fruity note, sometimes reminiscent of shampoo due to the note's high use in them.

Coconut & Lime - A fresh composition which lines juicy fruity zests combined with fine exotic of coconut wrapped with citruses and fresh fruit.

Coconut Cream - Intensely tropical note, lush, sweet, milky vanillic, with a suntan lotion association.

Jasmine - Sweet narcotic scent that is floral but with an animalic background like living flesh, can be piercingly sweet and carry scent a mile off.

Lemongrass - Intensely lemon-like with ginger freshness, clearing, projects sharp, repels insects, flavors tea.

Lichee - Tropical sweet note that is edible and inviting with a perfume-like delicate flavour.

Ocean - The scent of the sea, as captured via highly sophisticated synthetic components of organic chemistry. A "marine" note.

Passionfruit - A very intense, exotic and tropic scent and taste. Citrusy and fruity fragrant aroma.

Rose - The king of flowers, lemony fresh with various nuances of powder, wood notes or fruit, feminine, clean, intensely romantic.

Vanilla - An ever popular fragrance note, which is sweet, cozy, comforting, with a pleasing cookie-baking feeling to it.

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