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Reed Diffuser Fragrance Sticks Oil Refill Bottle Kit 80ml

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Brighten up your home with these potent fragrance oils lasting up to 8 weeks. These diffusing kits are extremely low maintenance and require setup only once for maximum effect to remove any bad odours and keep the house feeling fresh.

Diffusing kits are much safer than traditional scented candles, where an open flame is not desired. Scents are available in Florida Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Passionfruit and Swiss Coco Butter.

Package Includes

  • 1x 80ml Natural Oil Diffusing Bottle
  • 10x Reed Diffusers


  • Each bottle comes with a slot to insert reed diffusers directly and are ready to use
  • Safer than traditional candles, does not require an open flame
  • Weighted to not topple over when bottle is empty



  • Volume: 80ml

Reed Diffusers

  • Dimensions: 3mm x 170mm

Note: Maximum duration may differ due to differing environmental conditions. Evaporation will occur more quickly in hot, dry conditions.

Scent Profiles

With many Premium Natural Fragrances to choose from, we are sure you will find a favourite

Florida Grapefruit - Tart, tangy, with bitter aftertaste, clearing elegant aroma, happy smell, uplifting.

Lemongrass - Intensely lemon-like with ginger freshness, clearing, projects sharp, repels insects, flavors tea.

Passionfruit - A very intense, exotic and tropic scent and taste. Citrusy and fruity fragrant aroma.

Swiss Coco Butter - Indulgent blend of Chocolate and Vanilla, deep and not overbearingly sweet.

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