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Pipers T Cat Scratcher Board Cat Scratching Post with Scratcher Ball Toy Cute Sc

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Pipers T Cat Scratcher Board Cat Scratching Post with Scratcher Ball Toy Cute Scratch Pad for Indoor Pet or Kittens Premium Scratcher Board Perch Cushion Collection Wall Couch Furniture Carpet Protector

  • 1 x  T Cat Scratcher Board
    • T Sharp Vertical Cat Scratch Board: Simple and three-dimensional geometry, the inclined surface is labor-saving, the vertical surface can be stretched, and all sides can be scratched. It is a stable and durable scratch board.
    • High-quality Corrugated Cardboard: Thickened and encrypted corrugated cardboard is used, and the texture is finely processed to make the entire cat scratcher cardboard more scratch-resistant, not easy to drop paper, and prolong the service life.
    • Unique design: Cat scratcher is composed of 3 thick corrugated boards, it is very simple to install, you can make it into a triangle, place a bell ball in the middle of the three thick corrugated cardboard, and arouse the curiosity and fun of the cat.
    • Cat Scratching Pad Size: 56x 26x 48CM, weight: 2.2kg. Thick corrugated cardboard, firm and scratch-resistant, no paper scraps, made of environmentally friendly materials, healthier.
    • Suitable for: Cats of all ages and sizes. The cardboard cat scratcher was designed to bring happiness to every cat that uses it. No matter where or how it is placed, the cat will play standing or lying down.

    T Cat Scratcher Board

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