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Melts are a clever and easy-to-use alternative to oils.

Simply break off the required amount and place into your oil or electric burner, no need to add water.

Soy wax does not evaporate so once there is no longer fragrance lingering allow the wax to cool then remove the used wax.

If the wax does not slide out easily, place it in the fridge to allow the wax to shrink, then it will slide out.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Wax Melt Block - Highly Scented - 100% Soy Wax


  • Crafted From Superb Quality Soy Wax - Superior Clean Burn
  • Suitable For All Oil and Electric Burners
  • Long Lasting Aroma
  • No More Fiddling with Water and Oil - Simply Drop One Cube Into Your Burner Dish
  • Excellent Value - Capped Postage Australia Wide (Regular $1.80 / Box for extra security $6.95)


  • Wax Block Size (L x W x H): 8cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm Approx.
  • 70g

Scent Profiles

With many Premium Natural Fragrances to choose from, we are sure you will find a favourite

Blueberry - Berries with a jam-like sweetness and tartness, intensely coloured rich in anthocyanidins.

Cherry - Popular fruity note, sweet and tart at the same time recreated through red fruit notes and grape.

Coconut - Intensely tropical note, lush, sweet, milky, vanillic, with a suntan lotion association due to the inclusion of coconut scent in Coppertone sun oil.

French Vanilla - Deeper and richer than the ever popular fragrance note, which is sweet, cozy, comforting, with a pleasing cookie-baking feeling to it.

Green Apple - Fresh, appetising, mouth-watering fruity note, sometimes reminiscent of shampoo due to the note's high use in them.

Rose - The king of flowers, lemony fresh with various nuances of powder, wood notes or fruit, feminine, clean, intensely romantic.