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No. 245 KIWI Knife Kitchen Chef Knives Stainless Steel Blade Cook Cleaver Wood

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Indulge yourself with this extensive range of inexpensive but highly versatile and exceptional quality Kiwi brand knives from Thailand supplied exclusively by Simply Homeware.

Ensure your kitchen is equipped with the appropriate tools to prepare meals. 

The incredible value from this range of knives makes it an ideal choice for all chefs, regardless of experience or skill, whether you are a serious gourmet chef or a value-conscious weekend cook.

Knife Types

Chef's Knife - The staple of food preparation, featuring superb general-utility for most cooks.

Meat Cleaver - Essential tool suitable for chopping chicken bones and large pieces of meat.

Fruit/Vegetable Knife - Small paring sized knives that can be used as portable knives. Often used for small and simple tasks such as peeling.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Authentic Kiwi Brand Stainless Steel Knife

*Items may be shipped separately - may not arrive on the same day


  • 100% Authentic Thailand Import Kiwi Knives - Never Cheap Knock-Offs      
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Blade for Easy Cutting
  • Non-Slippery Wooden Handle for Durable Comfort
  • Highly Rust & Corrosion Resistant for Long-Term Value
  • Extremely Sharp Blades Out of the Box - Ready to Use Straight Away!
  • Incredible Value - Fast & Free Shipping Sydney


Thickness (approx.):

No. 830 - 1.5mm

No. 850 - 2mm

All Other Knives - 1mm


No. 21:

Size: 31.5cm x 18.5cm (blade) x 6cm

No. 22:

Size: 31.5cm x 18.5cm (blade) x 6cm

No. 171:    

Size: 28cm x 16cm (blade) x 4.5cm

No. 172:    

Size: 28cm x 16cm (blade) x 4.5cm

No. 173:    

Size: 29.5cm x 17cm (blade) x 5cm

No. 245

Size: 24cm x 12.5cm (blade) x 2.4cm

No. 246

Size: 27.5cm x 16cm (blade) x 3cm

No. 247

Size: 30cm x 18.2cm (blade) x 3.2cm

No. 248

Size: 32.5cm x 20.5cm (blade) x 3.5cm

No. 288

Size: 32cm x 19.8cm (blade) x 4.3cm

No. 501:    

Size: 23cm x 11.5cm (blade) x 1.9cm

No. 502:  

Size: 23.5cm x 12cm (blade) x 2cm

No. 503:    

Size: 19.5cm x 10cm (blade) x 2.5cm

No. 504:

Size: 16.5cm x 7.2cm (blade) x 3.6cm

No. 830:    

Size: 27cm x 15.5cm (blade) x 6.5cm

No. 850:    

Size: 33cm x 20cm (blade) x 10cm

Disclaimer: All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

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