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Wind Up Twin Bell Alarm Clock Mechanical Clocks Loud Wind-Up Bedside Analog

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Wind-up alarm clocks have been around a long time, but they are still fun to explore.

Wind up clock offer style and functionality for home or as a collector's item. The experience of winding a mechanical clock every day is quite unique.


  • Mechanical brass movement - runs up to 36 hours when fully wound
  • Full metal case
  • Contains brass and steel interior mechanism
  • Easy-to-read analog 3 hand display (hour, minute, second)
  • Loud alarm bell sound
  • Glow in the dark clock hands
  • Chicken head moves in sync with second hand
  • Soft ticking noise
  • Light and portable - can be placed used for home, travel, desk and car


  • Small Size: 14cm x 9.5cm (diameter) x 5.5cm
  • Large Size: 17cm x 11cm (diameter) x 5.5cm


  1. Turn the time wind key until you feel resistance (winding past this point may damage your clock).
  2. Disengage the lock for the small metal hammer between the twin bells (for Large Size only).


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