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Lineguard PVC Large Cutting Mat Double Side Art Craft DIY Tool A3 A4 A5

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Lineguard PVC Large Cutting Mat Double Side Art Craft DIY Tool A3 A4 A5

Heavy duty self-healing cutting mat with 5-layer PVC, 1/8” of superior work surface protection

Self-healing cutting mat, 5 layers of PVC, highly durable with superior self-healing ability

Self-healing cutting mat, screened inch, metric, and angled guides plus a ½” grid for easy alignment

Self-healing Durability

Outstanding self-healing ability allows cuts to virtually disappear, maintaining a smoother surface and extending the life of the mat and your cutting blades. For versatility, you can use the mat on both sides. Use the top with the rulers and guides for precise trimming, and use the reverse side for free-hand work.

5-PLY PVC Construction

This is no standard cutting mat! The 5-ply PVC construction creates a solid, non-glare work surface and has no odour. The thicker inner core stabilizes the mat while the outer, resilient layers offer superior self-healing capability.

Screened Guides

Whether you are cutting quilting squares, trimming photos, or creating works of art, align your work precisely with the ½” grid and inch and metric rulers. Diagonal cuts aren’t a problem with the 45° and 60° diagonal guides.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Cutting Mat  (Pack of 3)


    • Stays flat, Won't Warp or Crack ⇒ Our products are made of sturdy, refined material that can withstand direct sunlight and will quickly recover even if not stored flat. Most multi-layer or thin boards can warp easily due to impurities in the material reacting differently to temperature and bending
    • Certified Safe & Odourless ⇒ Compliant with EN 71-3, the newest European safety standards concerning Heavy Metals present in products children may come in contact with. We also eliminated VOCs so it won't stink up your room and there's no chemical residue left on your fabric and paper


    Brand Lineguard
    Description Cutting Mat
    Model (SKU) CTTPD01 - A3(GRN)CTTPD01 - A3(GRY)CTTPD01 - A4(GRN+GRY)CTTPD01 - A5(GRN+GRY)
    Colour/s Multiple
    Dimensions Refer to Images
    Weight Refer to Images
    Material PVC

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