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Crocox Kickboards For Swimming Kids Adults Swim Foam Floating Training 48cm EPS

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Crocox EPS Kick Boards are ideal for kids who have just mastered the art of staying afloat but still need some buoyancy. They are also great for practising leg kicking for better propulsion in the water.

Made from high density foam and easy to grip when wet, the kickboard will help them find the correct posture for streamlining in the water as well as getting their arms in the right position for front crawl and other swimming strokes.

Suitable for ages 3-6, the kickboard is 48cm long and 32cm wide. The boards come in a plethora of cool designs.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Crocox Swimming Kickboard


  • Crocox  Children's EPS Kick Board Float Swimming Aid
  • Allows kids to advance from a swim ring
  • Helps kids stay afloat and practice their leg kicking for propulsion
  • Can be used at the beach or in swimming pools
  • Made from high quality EPS (Expanded polystyrene)
  • Many vibrant designs range
  • Suitable for ages 3+


Brand Crocox
Description Swimming Kickboard
Colour/s Multiple (Randomised)
Dimensions 48.0 cm * 32.0 cm * 6.0 cm
Weight 0.2kg
Material EPS Foam

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