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Basketball Hoop Ring Backboard System Standard Net Indoor Outdoor Door Mount Set

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Made from hard-wearing blown plastic PE (polyethylene) material, the Permafit basketball backboard is able to deal with a phenomenal amount of wear and tear; in fact, it is practically unbreakable! It provides perfect bounce when a ball is played off it, leading to classic match play battles beneath the hoop line.

The basketball backboard and hoop has a 45cm diameter rim, which is just short of pro size and perfect for practising hoop shooting skills.

* Caution: Please do not swing or hang from the ring. Doing so may cause serious injury or even death.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Basketball Backboard 60x90cm
  • 1 x Basketball Hoop Ring 45cm
  • 1 x Extension Arm 75cm


  • Flexible mounted design allows height adjustment
  • Can be assembled on wall or garage door
  • Perfect for Any Height and Playing Level
  • Caters to your Kids and your Friends
  • Active, Friendship or Family Bonding Fun


  • Backboard Size: 60cm x 90cm
  • Backboard Material: Blown plastic PE (polyethylene)
  • Basketball Hoop: 45cm diameter rim (12mm steel)
  • Extension Arm Length: 75cm
  • Package Weight: 7.66kg

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