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Bamboo Skewers 5mm Wooden Skewer BBQ Kebab Meat Bulk Cheap Stick Party - 25 30cm



Are you looking for a cost-effective bulk solution to bamboo skewers? Look no further!

These premium 5mm thick bamboo skewers are amazing value and are economical for BBQs/parties and are both easy to use and dispose of.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, inns and parties for BBQs, grilling, kabob, shish, cooking, fondue etc.

Package Contains

  • Bamboo Skewers Bulk Pack (45x / 90x / 180x / 360x / 720x / 1440x)


  • Premium 5mm thickness
  • Great value for BBQs
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Easily disposable



  • 25cm (length) x 5mm (thick) Approx.


  • 30cm (length) x 5mm (thick) Approx.

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