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Baby on Board Car Sign Suction Cup Decal Yellow Kids Family Safety In Sticker

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You are a new parent and you want what is best for your new precious one. So small, so cute and who ask nothing more than your love and protection and as caring parents, you will do just that. You will protect your baby using what are available.

For maximum performance, please do the following : 
Clean then dry the part of the vehicle where the sign will be placed. 
This will ensure there are no water nor dust between the car surface and the suction cup. 

Clean the suction cup and dry it as well 
A clean suction cup ensure an enhanced performance 

Water and UV resistant. 
-Size is 15cm x 15cm
-Eco friendly material 
-Bright color 
-Powerful suction 
-Tested under 150 degrees heat and it did not melt. 
We went as far as putting it in the oven and it held up. 

For best result, place the sign either on the side window or on the back window.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Baby on Board Suction Sign


  • ☔ RESIST IN ANY WEATHER unlike the magnetic ones that become useless come cold and hot weather. PACK OF 2 heat resistant (tested in a 150 degree (F) heated oven and it held up) baby on board signs
  • 🎁 2 ADDITIONAL SUCTION CUPS .TRY IT, Do not like it? We take it back no question added (We are so confident you will love the upgraded model)
  • 🔥 QUICK TIP : add hot water to any suction cup to enhance its efficiency, to e like new. TESTED UNDER THE HEAT and it held up very well, did not melt
  • 💪 Very effective suction cup, FOR BETTER EFFICIENCY, boil the suction (removed from the sign), clean the window remove any dust and the grip will be perfect. Unlike others, this sign will not fall of over and over when applied correctly (clean and dry the car surface, clean and dry the suction cup and good to go)
  • 🧷 Highly visible thanks to its catchy color, we did not added useless drawings that takes up all the space)


Brand SH
Description Baby on Board Sign
Colour/s Yellow, Black
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm
Weight 0.023kg
Material PP

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