2x Flower Pots Set Pot Plastic Garden Plant Planter Round Square Rectangle

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Decorate your garden with these high quality flower pots varying in sizes from small indoor pots to huge pots for growing trees.

Available in Square, Round and Planter (Rectangle) shapes and multiple sizes, perfect for any sized plant and garden.

All flower pots are made from extremely thick PVC to be able to withstand any amount of soil and plants placed within, all the way up to size 5 for growing trees.
Our flower pots do not flex or bend and have a sandy exterior finish for extra grip.

Package Contains

  • 2 x Flower Pot
  • 2 x Saucer

*Please double check sizes below before purchasing


  • 1 set includes both the flower pot and the appropriate saucer.
  • All sizes fit within each other for compact storage.
  • Extra wide lip for better portability.
  • 12 holes on the base of the square pot for better drainage.
  • 6 extra large sized holes for drainage on the base of round flower pots.
  • Made from very thick plastic to be able to withstand any load of soil+plants.
  • Versatile 5 size range - from smaller pots used indoors to huge pots for small trees.

Square Size (L x W x H)

  • Size 1: 24cm x 24cm x 23cm  (0.8')
  • Size 2: 31cm x 31cm x 27cm  (1')
  • Size 3: 36cm x 36cm x 30cm  (1.2')
  • Size 4: 42cm x 42cm x 36cm  (1.4')
  • Size 5: 50cm x 50cm x 38cm  (1.7')

Round Size (D x H)

  • Size 1: 30cm x 27cm  (1')
  • Size 2: 36cm x 32cm  (1.2')
  • Size 3: 42cm x 37cm  (1.4')
  • Size 4: 48cm x 40cm  (1.6')
  • Size 5: 54cm x 43cm  (1.8')

Planter Size (L x W x H)

  • Size 1: 48cm x 22cm x 18cm  (A03)
  • Size 2: 64cm x 22cm x 19cm  (A02)